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Get Healthy Naturally with Jennifer Schmid | Speaker.  Healer.  Nurse.  Naturopath. 

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Our latest blogs and podcasts on earth-based medicine, current trends in healthcare, and finding the balance.

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Why I'm not afraid of the flu (or measles or any other virus on the 10 o'clock news)

Jennifer Schmid

Gaaaa, that flu going around! I have been getting emails almost daily from people asking me how to get over it and what they should do to prevent it. 

Western medicine’s only tools against the flu are not friendly to your body. Tamiflu is toxic to your liver, and the influenza vaccine may be toxic to your nervous system. PLUS their efficacy is questionable, to say the least, meaning most of the time, they really don’t work.

So how do I heal from the flu if I get it?

Common sense and earth-based medicine, of course.

Common sense and earth-based medicine, of course.

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All That Glitters is Not Gold

Jennifer Schmid

Heavy metals can wreak havoc on the body, from the nervous system to our joints to our gut and have been linked to such diseases as Parkinson’sALSAlzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases, and multiple sclerosis. They are found across the consumer spectrum in such products as anti-perspirants, all vaccines, amalgam fillings, batteries, jewely, airplane exhaust, cosmetics, light bulbs, factory emissions, some fish, chocolate, rice, medications, baked goods, ceramics, fungicides, cigarettes, and more. 

In addition to clean living and eating, there are certain foods and supplements that can help with pulling heavy metals from the body slowly and gently and protect it from their toxic effects.

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Why I’m not afraid of Ebola (but you might be)

Justin Wood

I recently read a blog stating it would unethical to conduct a study on Ebola treatments using a placebo (fake treatment). I take that a step further. It is unethical to conduct a study using ONLY drugs. If Ebola is such a menace, why are we not using every possible means to heal people and to prevent illness?

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