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Why I'm not afraid of the flu (or measles or any other virus on the 10 o'clock news)

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Why I'm not afraid of the flu (or measles or any other virus on the 10 o'clock news)

Jennifer Schmid

Gaaaa, that flu going around! I have been getting emails almost daily from people asking me how to get over it. (If only they would contact me BEFORE they get sick so that we can make sure their natural toolboxes are well equipped...)

Tamiflu is not your friend

 Western medicine’s only tools against the flu are not friendly to your body. Tamiflu is toxic to your liver, and the influenza vaccine may be toxic to your nervous system. PLUS their efficacy is questionable, to say the least, meaning most of the time, they really don’t work.

So how do I heal from the flu if I get it?

Common sense and earth-based medicine, of course.

I use the same strategies for healing from the flu as I would from any virus spread through “droplets” (i.e., the microscopic spit that flies out of your mouth when you sneeze or cough) such as measles.

(Note: these tips are not FDA approved.)

10 tips on healing from the flu

Like all natural healing strategies, these tips don’t make us instantly well, but they can definitely help to strengthen and rejuvenate one’s immune system during times of stress and illness. Most of these strategies are safe for infants and children, but it's important to consult with a holistic healthcare provider to understand recommendations about what and how much to give a child.

  1. Clinoptilolitea mineral that can pull toxins out of cells and stimulate the body’s immune response. When the viruses are particularly virulent, as they are this year, I use both the Regular (drops) and Extra-strength (spray) versions. Use the promo code SAVE2018 at through February 28 to get 25% off for the rest of 2018.
  2. Organic mushrooms, such as turkey tail, which contain beta-glucans to stimulate the immune system as well as whole-food vitamin D; my favorite source is Super Greens + D, which also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes (since 80% of our immune system is in our gut).  Be a discerning consumer, since not all mushroom products are created equally. (And use that promo code while you can!)
  3. Feed the beneficial microbes in your gut, whether through fermented foods such as plain yogurt and raw sauerkraut or through probiotic supplementation. A recent study showed that probiotics helped to prevent influenza infection in school-aged children, especially those who had not been vaccinated against the flu. Other studies indicate that probiotics can reduce the duration of upper respiratory infection. (And where does the flu virus infiltrate the body? Through the respiratory system!) 
  4. Whole food sources of vitamins A, C, D, & K such as cod liver oil, butter, raw sauerkraut, and Standard Process’ Congaplex and Cataplex A-C. (These products are available only through licensed and certified health care providers in the United States. Ping me if you need a referral to someone.) 
  5. Stay hydrated with homemade bone broth seasoned with unrefined salt. Bone broth is high in magnesium and contains moderate amounts of calcium, two minerals which work synergistically with vitamins A, C, D & K to promote a hardy immune system. It also contains marrow, which has long been prized as a superfood among native cultures. When my kids are sick with a fever, I keep them hydrated with bone broth, seasoned with a little Celtic sea salt, until they feel ready to eat again. 
  6. Calcium to help your white blood cells, the immune system warriors. Standard Process’ Calcium Lactate is one of the most bioavailable products on the market, meaning that your body can actually absorb the calcium you’re taking in. If you’re outside the US, do this instead.
  7. Homeopathy works wonders on viruses. We don’t have any double-blind placebo controlled studies published in big-name journals, but we do have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of case studies. Don’t self-medicate with homeopathy for the flu, though. Spend the money on a good homeopath. Most countries throughout the world have homeopathic practitioners available in person and over the phone.
  8. Stay away from sugar while you're sick. We’ve all heard enough by now to know that sugar, in its multiple forms, hurts our bodies. If you eat a high-carbohydrate, high sugar diet of bread, pizza, pasta, soda, and sweets, you are going to make it a lot more difficult for your body to heal, because digesting sugar distracts our body from its work staying healthy. It taxes our immune system.
  9. Sleep, sleep, and then sleep some more. I get so frustrated by employers who don't understand this, or school teachers who penalize kids for staying home sick and then expect them to have their homework done the first day they are back. Sleep is when the healing magic happens, so grab your favorite blanket and pillow and let yourself rest.
  10. Avoid antibiotics like the plague when you have the flu. Even the CDC is in agreement with me on this one. The only time antibiotics would be indicated is if you have a positive sputum culture for bacterial pneumonia, otherwise, an antibiotic will make it twice as difficult for your body to fight the flu, and you could end up experiencing some of those nasty complications you hear about on the news.

And because your conventional health care provider is still bugging you to get a flu vaccine this year, please be sure to read my article, 9 Myths about Influenza and the Flu Vaccine if you haven't already done so. Educate before you vaccinate! 

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