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Why I’m not afraid of Ebola (but you might be)

Justin Wood

The Ebolavirus is all over the news. People are talking, and people are scared. A nurse in Dallas has become infected, not because she didn’t follow personal protection protocol, but for some other unknown. Health care clinics are screening patients who have flu symptoms. No one really knows what to do, the media is playing up the story, and so the natural response is fear. Along with the surge in the number of people who are reportedly falling ill with Ebola, there has also been a surge in the stocks of companies developing drugs, vaccines, and personal protective gear. I can’t help but raise my skeptical eyebrow. Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely need to protect our healthcare workers and communities. I take issue, however, with our western medical approach to treating Ebola.

According to the WHO, there are no “licensed” treatments available for Ebola, i.e., there is no magic pill that miraculously stops replication of the virus and the accompanying symptoms while also causing miraculous replication in some drug company’s Swiss bank account. Most of the care provided is palliative, meaning it basically tries to keep people comfortable, hydrated, and alive so that their bodies can overcome the horrific effects of the virus. This is all well and good, but the problem is, so long as western medicine continues to look at Ebola through its infinitesimally narrow lens of drugs and vaccines, a lot of people could potentially get sick. Or worse.

I recently read a blog stating it would unethical to conduct a study on Ebola treatments using a placebo (fake treatment). I take that a step further. It is unethical to conduct a study using ONLY drugs. If Ebola is such a menace, why are we not using every possible means to heal people and to prevent illness? After all these years, why is the western toolbox so dang small and short-sighted?

My toolbox of earth-based medicines is overflowing: whole food forms of vitamins A, C, and K; bone broth rich in bioavailable calcium, magnesium, and marrow; cod liver oil; Echinacea purpurea and angustfolia for long-term prevention, herbs such as Andrographis and Holy basil for acute care; Pure Body zeolite (clinoptilolite), which has been shown in vitro to stop viral replication; colloidal silver; garlic; homeopathy; and many other time-proven remedies. While just one might not be effective on its own, if you throw the whole kit and caboodle at Ebola, both to prevent and heal, you’d see some amazing results, AND you wouldn’t be over-burdening compromised patients with pharmaceutical drugs and heroic interventions that often do more harm than good. (Just look at the damage that aspirin caused during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.)

I’m not afraid of Ebola because I know how to support the body naturally; my toolbox doth runneth over with earth-based medicines. Unfortunately, so long as governments and the conventional health care system continue to chase the money and the magic pharmaceutical cure, people will have very good reasons to fear the unknown.