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Get Healthy Naturally with Jennifer Schmid | Speaker.  Healer.  Nurse.  Naturopath. 

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Our latest blogs and podcasts on earth-based medicine, current trends in healthcare, and finding the balance.

The Loneliness Cure

Jennifer Schmid

This morning I got up early so that I could go for a short hike in the redwoods before facing the masses at Costco. I had been feeling kind of blue the night before, as all of the kiddos were at sleepovers, and I was by myself in the house at night for the first time in almost 3 months. 

My mood started lifting on the drive to Wunderlich County Park. I parked, put on my hiking boots and began my climb up the hill to my favorite spot, Alambique Flats. 

I said hello to the horses in the corrals, waiting for the day’s riders, stood for a moment at an ancient majestic tree, and watched for deer. It wasn’t until I was sitting on the bench in the Flats listening to the creek that I realized something new about why I love hiking and being out in nature so much.

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Sexual Violence is Not Sustainable

Jennifer Schmid

There are literally billions of men and women in the world who carry the shame and wounding of sexual violence against them and who feel that wound every time someone makes an excuse for the perpetrator.

Sexual violence takes a huge toll on one’s health and well-being and also places a major burden on our health care system. This burden is not sustainable, and it’s time for each of us to stand up and put a stop to it. Even if you’ve been lucky enough not to have been a victim in your life, look around you. Just because you don’t know everyone’s history or herstory, you know countless people who have been assaulted in their lifetimes, both male and female. 

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Why I call it "Earth-Based Medicine"

Jennifer Schmid

My 16 year old daughter has been in Switzerland on a school exchange for a week. She has had no food sensitivities whatsoever. She says she has never eaten so much gluten in her life. She feels amazing there--no asthma, no acne, no runny nose, no fatigue. She's not taking any supplements.

The kids and I make financial sacrifices so that we can buy good quality food, and I am so grateful to have access to a weekly farmer's market and clean water. Not everyone is as fortunate. As my daughter is experiencing, though, how we grow our food and raise our animals can be our poison or medicine.

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The Integrity of Protein Supplements: An Interview with Eddie Stone from Touchstone Essentials

Jennifer Schmid

You don’t have to know anything about nutrition to know that there are hundreds of thousands of nutritional supplement products on the market. And of course, Americans are creative geniuses when it comes to labeling, advertising and marketing, so it’s difficult to make heads or tails of what’s actually good for you and what might potentially harm you.

Luckily, some companies have both high-quality ingredients AND heaping doses of business integrity.

A while back I had the pleasure of sitting down and interviewing Eddie Stone, CEO of Touchstone Essentials, to discuss their newest product called Organic Super Protein. 

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Emotions, the Immune System and Empathy

Jennifer Schmid

So my plan was to make a really cool video for you this week. The universe had other ideas.

I started feeling achy and funky on Friday, and by yesterday morning, it felt like two spear-fighting sumo wrestlers were fighting the match of the century in my throat every time I tried to talk.  Ouch.

Rather than leave you empty-handed, I want to share with you this amazing video about empathy. It was developed and produced by the Cleveland Clinic. 

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Giving Up versus Letting Go

Jennifer Schmid

So often in our lives we think that we have to giving up pleasure to accomplish something, whether that's in our health, in relationships, or with our work. 

What if there was another way? How good would it feel to make space for something or someone instead?

To me, giving up is about pain and deprivation. When we let go, however, we open ourselves and surrender to love and the possibility of transformation.

Here's a new video for you, where I explore the paradigms of giving up versus letting go. These are powerful concepts that can transform our lives, our loves, and the way we experience what challenges and frightens us. 

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The Death and Rebirth of Personal Transformation

Jennifer Schmid

From March 21 to 26, I spent 5 amazing days at the Chi Center in Galisteo, New Mexico. Gail Larsen, the Transformational Speaking teacher I met in 2015 and then worked with in 2016, had gathered together 24 thought leaders from the US, Canada, and Australia along with Andrew Harvey, leader of the Sacred Activism movement, and Wisdom Healing Qi Gong Master Mingtong Gu. 


Our task?


To dive deep within ourselves personally and collectively to find our voice so that we can stop the downward spiral that our world is in — physically, environmentally, politically, spiritually. 

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Why I do what I do: The case of "disappearing diabetes"

Jennifer Schmid

Back in November, my trusted friend and colleague, Press Maycock, came to the VA to give a presentation to Veterans and staff on the food-mood connection. 

Press shared information about foods that the doctors don’t provide to their patients. Maybe they don’t know, or maybe they don’t think it will make a difference, but either way, the docs and nutritionists almost never share 21st century, evidence-based nutritional information with their patients.

Press shared, and for one Vet in particular, he made a huge difference.

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Why I'm not afraid of the flu (or measles or any other virus on the 10 o'clock news)

Jennifer Schmid

Gaaaa, that flu going around! I have been getting emails almost daily from people asking me how to get over it and what they should do to prevent it. 

Western medicine’s only tools against the flu are not friendly to your body. Tamiflu is toxic to your liver, and the influenza vaccine may be toxic to your nervous system. PLUS their efficacy is questionable, to say the least, meaning most of the time, they really don’t work.

So how do I heal from the flu if I get it?

Common sense and earth-based medicine, of course.

Common sense and earth-based medicine, of course.

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It's sicky season

Jennifer Schmid

We have this weird attitude in our culture that it’s somehow shameful if we get sick with a cold or flu once in a while. I think I am sometimes guilty of perpetuating that belief in my zest for wanting people to feel amazing all the damn time, because life can be freaking incredible when our physical and emotional and mental and spiritual bodies are our allies rather than our enemies.

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Ringing in 2018 (Let's make 2018 amazing!)

Jennifer Schmid

In the last year, I have met dozens of health care providers  — from physicians to nurses to physical therapists — who are desperate to help people heal naturally but aren’t sure where to start. They are frustrated by the few options available in the conventional health care system and exhausted by the bureaucracy of “health” insurance paperwork.

That’s why I am committing 2018 to teaching others and sharing my knowledge and expertise.

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Looking back at 2017

Jennifer Schmid

Despite the darkness of the winter solstice, this is one of my favorite times of year, not only because I get to spend extra time with friends and family, but also because I gift myself several hours of solo meditation and writing time to let go of the year’s pains and challenges while creating my goals for the next year. Carving out this time for releasing and dreaming allows me to appreciate everything I have accomplished as well as come up with the baby steps — those daily little actions I need to take — to make my next year’s big goals come to fruition. It's a healing ritual to see what's working, what’s not working, and how to move forward from a place of love, joy, and abundance.

Looking back, it was actually a really good year for me, and I have much to be grateful for. I also have much to look forward to!

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9 Myths about Influenza and the Flu Vaccine

Jennifer Schmid

“Flu season” is almost upon us, and with it, influenza vaccine propaganda is everywhere. 

I don’t use the word “propaganda” lightly. It has a negative connotation and implies that misinformation is being fed to people to manipulate their beliefs and their actions. 

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we see when it comes to the influenza and the flu vaccine. And it’s only gotten worse over the last 10 years.

But wait, you say, thousands of people die every year from the flu. We have to get the influenza vaccine so that we are totally protected against getting the flu. And we have to get it every year. They're totally safe! 

None of those statements is true.

Let’s break down nine (9) of the biggest myths about influenza and the influenza vaccine.

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Summer sunshine, hiking, and the VAXXED bus

Jennifer Schmid

This is my favorite time of year — the sunshine, fresh produce, and warmth are definitely earth-based medicine for me. They also fuel my motivation to eat well and move my body joyfully. This spring I participated in a fitness challenge with five colleagues, and together we racked up over 14,500 minutes of exercise in 8 weeks. It felt so good to move again after feeling so sludgy all winter! 

Also, last month I had the honor to meet with and be interviewed by Polly Tommey on the VAXXED bus. This courageous woman has dedicated her life to vaccine safety awareness after her son was injured by the MMR shot many years ago. 

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Podcast #14 --> Self-Care: Creating Sanity amidst the Chaos

Jennifer Schmid

It might only be March, but so far 2017 has been a doozy.

Now more than ever, self-care is critical for our health and well-being.

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet over the last few months, not having published any blogs or newsletters or recording any podcasts. This is because in all the chaos, I had to create space for self-care.  I knew I was only going to make things worse for myself if I was sick, stressed out, and exhausted.

Here are the eight steps I’ve taken this winter to take care of myself, to put on my proverbial oxygen mask. I hope that they serve as a springboard of inspiration for you so that you can take a few steps towards creating sanity in your own chaotic world.

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The Nutrition Combination You Need

Jennifer Schmid

Ever walk into a health food store or go online and get completely overwhelmed by the thousands of supplements available? Can’t decide which vitamins, minerals, and herbs are right for you? Which brands? What combinations of complexes?  

It can get really confusing.

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The Breathlessness of Grief

Jennifer Schmid

More than I have ever seen in my life, this latest American presidential election has broken hearts. It occasionally brought out the best in people, but it mostly elicited some really nasty behavior and hate speech.

There is so much grief, fear, desperation and frustration out there. These emotions can actually be harmful to our health and well-being, but there are steps we can take to honor our grief, steps that can help us heal from our sense of loss and/or sadness.

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Reminders, Locations and Winter Dates

Jennifer Schmid

Wow, this fall has flown by thus far! I have been overwhelmed by the love and support I have received from all of you as I transition to serving our veterans full-time and spending less time working one-on-one with clients.

I wanted to send out some clarification and a reminder about where and when I will be seeing clients in November and in the future, as there has been some confusion.

November Location 

For those of you coming to see me or purchase supplements on November 19, I will still be in my office in Santa Clara at 85 Saratoga Ave, Suite 206.

For those of you who want to see me in November but don’t yet have an appointment, I am completely booked. However, we can also schedule a weekday phone call, so please reply to this email, and we will get something on the calendar. I also have some openings in December and will be announcing my winter appointment dates in this email, so keep reading!

Winter Dates – Mark your calendars! 

Knowing that the winter months tend to bring more illness and malaise than the fall, I will have appointments available approximately every 2-3 weeks in January, February and March. The dates are as follows:

January 7, 8:30-2pm (in Los Altos)

January 21, 7:30-11am (phone/Zoom only)

February 11, 8:30am-2pm (in Los Altos)

March 4, 8:30-2pm (in Los Altos)

March 18, 7:30-11am (phone/Zoom only)

Please reply to this email if you’d like to set up an appointment.

I’m looking forward to helping you stay healthy through the fall and winter months!

Supplement News

Many of you have been taking me up on my supplement sale this fall! For those of you who missed that newsletter, all supplements and herbs currently on my office shelves are marked down 20% off. This includes all Standard Process, Medi-Herb, Touchstone Essentials, and Healing Spirits products. Please note that the sale does not apply to products that have to be ordered and drop-shipped.

I will not be carrying inventory starting in December, meaning that all supplements will need to be ordered through me and drop-shipped. This will help me keep down overhead costs, and that translates into lower consultation fees for you.  You can always order your Touchstone Essentials products directly by clicking here.

Thank you so much for helping to make this world a better place. Division and adversity are everywhere, and I am grateful that we can unite in the cause for natural, empowered health care.