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How to Increase Your Libido | Podcast #8: Making Red Lights SEXY

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How to Increase Your Libido | Podcast #8: Making Red Lights SEXY

Jennifer Schmid

Let’s face it. Sitting in red lights and stop-and-go traffic sucks.

A study a while back showed that the average American spends about 6 months of their life sitting at red lights. I’m sure for those of us in high traffic areas such as the Silicon Valley, the amount of time is significantly higher. 

Most people I know get frustrated and impatient sitting at red lights. I know I do! 

Getting stressed at a red light doesn’t help us. In fact, it can actually decrease our libidos! Why? 

Stress decreases our libido because it hijacks our sex hormones.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Wouldn’t you rather use a red light to help you get your sexy on? 

Yeah, me, too. 

In this week’s podcast, I’ll teach you about 6 easy ways to increase your libido and decrease your stress while sitting at red lights and in stop-and-go traffic

Red lights sap enough of our time each week. We shouldn’t let them sap our sex drives, too.

And if you’ve noticed that your libido just isn’t what it used to be and it’s interfering with your quality of life, give me a holler, and we’ll figure out what's preventing you from getting your game back on and how to heal it naturally.

Don’t let stress hijack your sex hormones and steal your libido.


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