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Get Healthy Naturally with Jennifer Schmid | Speaker.  Healer.  Nurse.  Naturopath. 

Unrequited love, burning poetry, and healing magic

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Unrequited love, burning poetry, and healing magic

Jennifer Schmid

Hi everyone!

First of all, there is no podcast this week. In honor of last week’s new moon in Libra, I have been releasing old wounds that hold me back in my business and my relationships and prevent me from realizing my potential as a woman, a mother, and a healer.

As part of the healing process and at the suggestion of a friend and colleague who is a psychotherapist for the gifted, I burned a stack of about 20 poems that I had written in high school. Most of them were about unrequited love (sigh...), being the rejected ugly duckling, and how dreams couldn’t possibly come true. While each poem burned, I said thank you and good-bye to the words and their significance. I let go of the angst, the pain, the shame, and the fear. I made room for beauty, love, and gratitude.

Then after I burned the poems, I realized there was much more within, and I wrote it all down. Wounds going back to the collapse of my marriage and far beyond, even to middle school. Names, like that of the 7th grade girl who bullied me ceaselessly on the Washington, DC, trip in 8th grade. Events, like my divorce and the deep sense of failure that accompanied it. Traumas, like being assaulted in a way that no woman or girl should ever experience. Mistakes that have haunted me.

And then I burned all that her-story too. I let go of it all, filling myself with new light, love and self-forgiveness. My heart felt… different. More joyous. Freer. Breathing came more easily.

Opening to the magic

This was a profound exercise. It was an intense process that left me a little raw inside.

Healing naturally is not instantaneous. There is no magic pill. It usually comes as a series of baby steps that at the time feel inconsequential, until you look back and realize that you’ve come miles from where you were before. You’ve somehow crossed gaping chasms and scaled sheer cliffs. And you’re stronger because of it.

However, don’t underestimate the power of those individual healing baby steps. When you let go of those old wounds and destructive, self-limiting beliefs, you shed not only the emotional pain, you rewire your DNA. You lose the cell biology that had been programmed around those wounds.

You open yourself to new magic in your life. 

New healing. New cells. New DNA. New love. New abundance. A greater connection to spirit. And so on. 

Wounds do not have to be physical to cause pain. And healing from them takes many different shapes. There is no one-size-fits-all. I don't know yet how burning the poetry and letting go of those wounds will affect me physically. I just know that they will, because of how they have healed me emotionally and spiritually.

If you are having trouble identifying the root causes of your health issues, reach out to me for a free 30-minute phone session. Together we’ll tap into your her-story (or history), and get you on the path to healing, once and for all.

Because that path is rightfully yours, and you deserve your place upon it. 💖