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Reverse T3: One of the Many Pieces in the Thyroid Puzzle (Podcast #11)

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Reverse T3: One of the Many Pieces in the Thyroid Puzzle (Podcast #11)

Jennifer Schmid

There is so much that doctors aren’t taught in med school, or that nurses and physician assistants don’t get in their schooling. One of the biggest gaps is in what they learn about hormones and the endocrine system. Nowhere is this more apparent than in regards to the hormones related to the thyroid gland.

When people come to me as a new client, I usually ask them to run a series of blood panels so that we have an additional way to identify the root causes of their health issues. I give them a list to hand to their primary care provider and make it clear that every single blood test has a purpose, sometimes on its own, sometimes in relation to other blood markers. 

Often, the providers refuse to run all of the labs because they “don’t mean anything.” Even endocrinologists have balked at simple lab tests for which they are supposed to be the expert.

You see, they think that just because they weren’t taught about it, it must not be important. 

But that’s far from the case. All of the hormones and markers are important, and when any one of them is out of balance, we can experience a vast array of symptoms, from constipation to exhaustion, from thinning hair to inability to maintain proper weight.

Here’s a quick video on Reverse T3. It’s one of the many missing and misunderstood pieces to the thyroid health puzzle. In my professional opinion, it is as important as TSH, a hormone that measures pituitary function and that is frequently used as the only marker for prescribing thyroid medication. 

You can also download the audio as a podcast and send it to your BFF, who's been  feeling tired since forever.

Reverse T3 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to thyroid health, but it can serve as a valuable tool for getting to the root cause and healing naturally.

And as always, if your health is preventing you from being your absolute best you, come in for a session. We’ll get to the root cause and find you a customized nutritional protocol that will make you feel whole again.