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A Short Meditation on Love, the Most Healing Energy on the Planet

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A Short Meditation on Love, the Most Healing Energy on the Planet

Jennifer Schmid

Let’s get a little woo woo for a minute, shall we?

I have a ridiculous amount of tools and knowledge in my healing box. Sometimes I have to laugh with gratitude at my abundance, like the delighted little girl who has been showered with gifts on her birthday.

There is one tool I have that surpasses the others.

Of all the tools in my healing box, the most important, the most powerful, is love.


Love gives me sanity when my children have me teetering on the brink of insanity.

Love provides me with fuel at the end of a long day to make a simple home-cooked meal instead of going out for something that won’t nourish me/us in the same way.

Love guides me to find the answers for my clients, those tough cases where the root causes of the problem are buried beneath years of pain.

Love shines its light over the inevitable sadness that comes every time someone picks up an assault rifle and ends a life. Or 19 lives. Or 50 lives.

The best part about love is that it doesn’t cost anything. It’s free. You just have to ask God/the Universe/whatever you believe to send you more love.

It’s like an unlimited ATM, but you don’t even need a card or a PIN.

So the next time you feel like you’re at your wit’s end, like there isn’t an ounce of strength left inside you… instead of reaching for a pill or a glass of wine or a sweet treat, reach for love.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask for its presence to surround you.

You’ll be amazed at how fast the love fills you. Let it overflow so that you can give the extra to someone else who needs it – your child, your partner, a parent, a coworker, the homeless vet on the corner, even the angry person who keeps tailgating you. I’ll be if they had a little more love they would back off in a heartbeat!

If you’d like some help calling in the love, here’s a short meditation on love that I made for you.

This meditation on love was inspired by my dear friends and colleagues, Angela Blaha, Amber Annette, and Cherie Healey, who have helped me tune into the amazing love energy that is just waiting to fill us. 

I hope it gives you exactly what you need.

Woo woo gets a bad rap, but sometimes, it’s just what the nurse ordered.

Here’s the audio version in case you want to download this meditation to your phone or mp3 player: