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Love Matters

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Love Matters

Jennifer Schmid

Have you ever been at a point so low that you that felt that your problems were insurmountable, that there was nothing you could do to solve them? Or worse, that you were all alone, that no one could possibly understand, and it was all pointless?

Ugh. I feel you. It's such a lonely darkness. 

But then, someone reached out to show you love — a child, a friend, a parent, a pet. 

Remember how it felt when they looked you in the eyes, wrapped their arms (or paws) around you, and reminded you that you are incredibly important? 

Yeah. I hear you. It changed your world. It’s like all the pain melts away instantly. 

No matter how much I preach about organic food, healthy living and the evils of Big Pharma, nothing matters more in this world than love. I still believe that love is the most important healing energy that exists. Period.

This Valentine’s Day, reach out to someone and give them a dose of Earth’s best medicine. Show some love and gratitude. Send a love note, an email, a text with lots of heart emojis, or pay a surprise visit. Imagine their eyes lighting up because you took 2 minutes to acknowledge them. It’s so worth it. It will light you both up.

Got someone who needs some extra love?

I know many people going through tough times right now. The darkness of winter. Friends and loved ones crossing over. (2017 was an exceptionally difficult year in this regard.) Financial insecurity. Not being able to shake the viruses going around. Chronic pain. 

Do you know someone who could use a little extra love right now? Maybe someone you're in a fight with, have a crush on, or feel weird about reaching out to? Email me at with their name and address. You can include a little about what they’re going through or not, it’s up to you. I’ll send them a handwritten note letting them know how much they are loved and appreciated, and that the world needs their gifts and presence. No gimmicks, no product invitations, just straight up love.

Sometimes a little act of kindness can have huge healing ramifications. You never know what beautiful flower might blossom from the seed you plant today. 

(Cheesy, I know, but I couldn’t resist, because it’s true. ;-) 

Pass it on and let us know

Do me a favor and share this blog with someone else so that they can send out some extra love, too. Then head on over to the Facebook group, the Wellness Oasis, to let us know who you showered with love and what the effect was. Share with us your giggles and the magic you created. 

Love and joy are contagious in the best possible ways.

Shine your love, my friend.



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