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Anxiety and the gut (Podcast #4)

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Anxiety and the gut (Podcast #4)

Jennifer Schmid

In the last few days, I’ve spoken with several people who have debilitating anxiety combined with digestive upset. Nothing they eat agrees with them, and they are hungry, tired, and at their wits’ end. They are so frustrated with doctors, who dismiss their problems and don’t see the correlation between their gut symptoms, their brain, and the anxiety that they feel. 

One woman said, “The doctors just want to prescribe drugs, and the naturopaths only want to work with people who are already healthy.” 

This week’s podcast is a little different than previous podcasts in that it’s a short, 4-minute riff on anxiety and the gut. You don’t want to miss it.

We all know someone suffering from anxiety. You probably also know someone suffering from digestive issues.

No one should be suffering. Share this podcast with them. Tell them that there is hope. There is always a root cause. There are always solutions. Everything can be healed.

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