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Losing Nicholas Gonzalez

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Losing Nicholas Gonzalez

Jennifer Schmid

This wasn’t supposed to be a blog post, let alone a long one. It was going to be a short social media tribute to a doctor who spent much of his career turning his back on his critics and helping people heal from cancer for the long-term.

But sometimes, enough is enough.

On Wednesday, we lost one of the most important weapons we had against cancer when Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, dropped dead of an apparent heart attack. Friends and family report that he was in excellent health, and many people – including me – wonder about the true cause of his death. Dr. Gonzalez saved thousands of lives with his natural cancer protocols, based on the one inspired by dentist Dr. William Donald Kelley, who cured himself of terminal pancreatic cancer in the 1960s.

The loss of Dr. Gonzalez will have profound ripple effects on the natural cancer movement. His therapies cost 10% of conventional cancer treatments (chemo, radiation and surgery, plus all of the co-morbidities that go along with them), and his patients experienced astounding results. So you can see why he was vilified throughout his career: Saving money + healing people naturally = quackery in the eyes of the conventional health care system.

And frankly, that makes me so mad.  

Doctors' deaths, SB 277, generic drug maker immunity, and the DARK Act: Many sparks to kindle the fire

I try to stay positive. I really do. But sometimes things happen one after the other, and then I just want to stand up and shake up the masses and yell, “WAKE UP! Take back your power, dammit!” 

Truly, the last 5 weeks have seen some of the most blatant assaults against the health, freedom, and sovereignty of Americans since 1986, when Congress voted to give the pharmaceutical companies blanket immunity against all vaccine injuries such as encephalitis, paralysis, neurological damage and death. Highlights since June 19 include the following:

  • Eight holistic doctors have lost their lives. At least two were brutally murdered, with suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of the other six, including Dr. Gonzalez. Another four doctors and researchers have gone missing during this same time, vanished without a trace. Most of these deaths have only been reported via local media and/or social media. You can read more here
  • California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB277 into law, which eliminated religious and personal belief exemptions against all vaccinations on the CDC “recommended” schedule for children wanting to attend public and private school. California now joins ranks with Mississippi and West Virginia with this draconian law. If parents wish to forgo the two vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases (Hep B and HPV), their children must be homeschooled starting in 2016, depending on their grade in school. If families want to avoid the vaccines which are derived from aborted fetal tissue (Hep A, some DTaP+ Polio + Hep B, MMR, and Varicella) because of religious beliefs, they have to homeschool. Senator Richard Pan, the sponsor of the bill who received more money from pharmaceutical companies in the first quarter of 2015 than any other state legislator, was so desperate to see the bill pass that he perjured himself several times during committee hearings, which you can watch below.

Video courtesy of Laura Hayes and Joshua Coleman

Voting was mostly down party lines, with Republicans leaning against and Democrats in favor. (Special kudos to Mike Gatto, who broke ranks and voted against the bill, citing its unconstitutionality.) Ironically, homeless families retain their rights to these exemptions. Attacks in the mainstream media against those who advocate for informed consent and health care freedom continue in full force.

  • The Supreme Court granted full legal immunity to companies that produce faulty generic drugs under the premise that if the FDA approved it, it must be safe. This means that if you have a reaction to a generic pharmaceutical drug, you cannot sue for damages. Read the NY Times article here
  • The U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act, which bans ALL GMO labeling on food. Also known as the Monsanto dream bill, it would prohibit organic and certified non-GMO producers from labeling their food as non-GMO, and states’ laws such as Vermont's which require GMO labelling are rendered defunk. Again, voting in the house was mostly down party lines, with most Democrats against, and most Republicans in favor. If this bill passes in the Senate, and Obama signs it into law, then the only safe place to purchase unadulterated food will be from your local farmer and/or farmer’s market. 

Companies like Monsanto, who primarily funded the DARK Act, and Merck, who helped fund SB277, know that Americans are waking up. And they will do anything to keep you asleep so that the money rolls in, including buying the souls of as many politicians as necessary to potentiate laws in their favor.

Let's start a health care revolution

Ok. So maybe I’m ranting.

BUT… there's a silver lining.

Despite these attacks, my colleagues and I will keep on fighting for your right to make the health care choices that work best for you. We remain empowered with the knowledge that complementary and alternative medicine is here to stay because it works. We will not back down in exposing pharmaceutical drugs and health and food industry practices that cause more harm than good. We will continue to publish research and teach people about natural alternatives and the evidence-based benefits of using real foods and earth-based medicine to heal.

You know, and I know – and those big corporations know – that earth-based medicine works. Fake processed foods make you sick. Real foods heal. Pharmaceutical drugs can have numerous dangerous side effects. Earth-based medicine, under the advice of a qualified holistic health care practitioner, generally doesn't.

Will you join me in protecting your right to informed consent, health care freedom, and access to real food? Will you reclaim your power from sold-out politicians and corporations who will stop at nothing to protect their financial interests?

Together, we are so much stronger. I have no doubt that if we all join forces, combine our intelligence and our energy and our resources, we can create one heck of an amazing world. It’s going to take some work, and we’re all going to need to muster lots of courage to speak our truths, but I fully believe that we can take back our power.

Know that I am here for you as your natural health resource and advocate, more empowered than ever. I’ve got your back.

I am one of many. We are not afraid, and we will not stop.

Together, we have the power. It’s time to take it back.