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When in Doubt, Reboot the Machine

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When in Doubt, Reboot the Machine

Jennifer Schmid

I’ve been operating at half tilt for the last couple of weeks. Sick kids home from school, long nights with the 8th grade musical (it was amazing!), and cold, gray, foggy weather all threw me off balance. My energy was waning, I felt unmotivated to work out, and my brain was on slo-mo.

I understand my needs well enough now to know what to do to restart my system: get out into nature! It’s just like what always happens when you reach out to tech support with an equipment malfunction. They tell you to reboot the machine first, right? Don’t even bother calling them until you turn your phone/ tablet/ computer/ printer off, wait 10 seconds, and then reboot.

Luckily for me, I had already scheduled a trip up out of the office and up to the Sierra Nevada with my daughter’s class for the week. Perfect timing!

There is something so magical about these mountains and about the secrets the trees carry. Having just finished Patty Reed’s Doll with my son last week, I think about all of the pioneers in the 1800s who crossed these mountains at great cost, on foot, starving, literally barefoot in the snow. Thinking about their struggles often gives me strength to persevere.

Likewise, I’m always amazed at how within an hour of walking and breathing the fresh mountain air, smelling the pines, and listening to the birds and crickets, my entire nervous system resets. The veil lifts off of my brain, I have the energy to hike for hours, and I see solutions that previously eluded me. Granted, I could have done without the tiger mosquitos and howling coyotes, but hey, that goes with the territory. (At least the bears didn't come into camp.)

I’m not the only one who felt rejuvenated up there. You should have seen these 6th graders running around, courageously team building on the high ropes at camp, and then up again at 6am with boundless energy!

It’s been a busy year. We all needed this reboot.

What do you do to reboot your system? Do you fight your way through the brain fog and lack of clarity with coffee and sweets, or do you honor that need to turn off and then on again? I know one of you flies gliders above the Hollister hills, while another goes mountain biking on the weekends… what about the rest of you? I’d love to hear about your personal strategies in the comments below. You never know when they might make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

If you're struggling with where to start and how to reboot, please reach out to me. I can help you understand what you need to reset your system and get you back on a path to wellness.