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Summer sunshine, hiking, and the VAXXED bus

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Summer sunshine, hiking, and the VAXXED bus

Jennifer Schmid

Happy Summer, everyone!

This is my favorite time of year — the sunshine, fresh produce, and warmth are definitely earth-based medicine for me. They also fuel my motivation to eat well and move my body joyfully. This spring I participated in a fitness challenge with five colleagues, and together we racked up over 14,500 minutes of exercise in 8 weeks. It felt so good to move again after feeling so sludgy all winter! 

Most of my time during the challenge was spent on the many hiking trails here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Amidst all of this suburban congestion, it’s hard to believe how many trails are hidden off the mountain roads. Often my partner and I didn’t meet another soul, with the exception of a deer, crow, accosting Tom turkey, or downed tree. This part of California hosts many microclimates, and in our two to three hours on a trail, we would traverse through redwoods, grassland, and California oak trees, with temps ranging from 50 to 90 degrees, all on the same hike! 

At the culmination of the challenge, we spent the good part of a Sunday hiking over 8 miles at Purisima Creek Open Space Preserve. We started at the bottom of the mountain, near Half Moon Bay, and made our way up the steep Harkins Ridge Trail before meeting up with the Craig Britton Trail, where we lunched on a bench surrounded by redwoods, eventually winding our way down the less intense Purisima Creek Trail. 

The climb up was a challenge, and at one point, we started naming and making up stories about the steep paths to bring in some humor to distract from our aching legs and lungs — the Big Brother climb, the drunk Great Uncle climb, and then the Grandaddy of Them All climb. The long hike was worth every minute of sore muscles and racing heart. The redwoods have a healing magic all of their own, and once I got past the winded feeling, I felt as if my lungs had doubled their capacity.  

We will definitely hike these trails again, not just for their immense beauty but also in preparation for hiking the Na Pali coast in October. The waterfalls await!

The photo below was taken at the base of the Harkins Ridge Trail.

The healing redwoods welcome us to the trail with open arms.

The healing redwoods welcome us to the trail with open arms.

The VAXXED Bus and Veterans

Last month I had the honor to meet with and be interviewed by Polly Tommey on the VAXXED bus. This courageous woman has dedicated her life to vaccine safety awareness after her son was injured by the MMR shot many years ago. We talked about my own journey with vaccine injury and how betrayed I felt when I started researching vaccines, why vaccine choice is THE issue for parents today, and how our military and Veterans are being harmed by the many vaccines and other experimental drugs they receive, only to be thwarted by a health care system that does not understand the root cause of many of their physical and mental health problems. 

I definitely went out on a limb by giving the interview, but we cannot afford to be silent or let ourselves be bullied by people who refuse to educate themselves about the many risks of vaccination, especially when there is so little unbiased research around vaccine safety using unvaccinated controls. Together our voices are louder and stronger, and I’m grateful to the VAXXED crew for providing a forum for people to share their stories.

Note: I currently do not have a link to the recording of the interview, but once I am able to access it, I will forward it to all of you.

Last but not least, By popular demand…

Based on customer feedback, Standard Process has changed some of the sizes of their bottles. Starting immediately, certain products such as Betaine Hydrochloride and Antronex will only be available in 180 tab bottles instead of 90 tabs. This equals greater savings for clients, since the per pill cost will be lower in the larger bottles. Please let me know if you have any questions about this or if I can pass along any feedback to Standard Process. 

I have several clients taking advantage of summer produce and warm temps to participate in 10-day and 21-day health programs. We have programs to help balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation, boost vitality, lose weight, and detoxify. They can be as gentle or intense as you want them to be. If any of these sounds exciting to you, please let me know, and we will get you started! 

Ok, my friends, it’s time for me to take advantage of this glorious weather and get out for another hike. In the meantime, I wish you many summer blessings and promise to continue to be your advocate and resource for natural healing and earth-based medicine. 

As always, if you ever have any questions, please come find me on our Facebook group, The Wellness Oasis. Chances are, if you have a question about something, someone else does, too!