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Creating Space, Creating Joy

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Creating Space, Creating Joy

Jennifer Schmid

The Universe has a such a funny sense of humor.

Not two hours after writing out my previous blog about the gratification of deprivation, my email program crashed. For 3 days, I struggled, yelled, cried, and called Microsoft tech support, but even they could not fix the problem. I was desperately typing emails to clients and others with my thumbs. Thank goodness I still had my phone!

Finally, a Microsoft technician was able to diagnose the problem: My computer was full. I needed to make space on my computer before we could fix the email program. 

Fair enough, considering I only had 3 empty gigabytes on my overwhelmed laptop… Until, while I was in the process of clearing out unneeded files, moving pictures over to an external drive, and reminiscing about my path, the entire computer crashed. It would turn on but then turn itself off when I tried to log in. 

I was being forced to go without. Haha, Universe, very funny! So if I was delayed in responding to an email or calling you back, now you know why. Luckily my business and I survived, and thanks to the discount of a friend at Apple, I have a shiny new laptop with LOTS of space on it so that I am now better equipped to make videos, create newsletters, research the latest natural health trends, and fulfill my mission to help one million people get healthy naturally. 

Space = Joy

Sometimes the only way that we can welcome changes into our lives is by creating space for them to live and breathe. If our fridge is full of take-out containers, pizza boxes, soda cans, and shriveled apples, we have no place to put the grass-fed beef, mineral water, beet salad, or fresh kale. 

Likewise, as we discussed in the previous blog, we might need to get rid of old habits that are not serving us in order to try out a new one. For instance, one client of mine stopped playing games on her iPad in the evening so that she could take her dog (and herself) for longer walks after dinner. They were both much happier with the new habit, and she even reported sleeping better.

Creating space has been my unintended theme for the last two weeks, another reason why my computer’s crashing was so ironic. I started by spending the weekend of the new moon cleaning out my garage, which was full of boxes of toys and clothes the children had outgrown, books, gardening equipment, and other assorted miscellany that had been randomly deposited over the last six months. I wish I had taken a “before” picture, because it was downright disgusting. I hated to go in there for fear of meeting a black widow or worse, a crunchy cockroach, both of which happen to be endemic in my neighborhood. 

To be honest, the process was horrifying — I found a huge family of ginormous roaches nesting in a cardboard box, — dusty, dirty, and at times, physically painful. (Thank goodness for massage therapy and chiropractic care, and I know that toenail will grow back, haha.) But oh, the satisfaction when I unloaded a minivan stuffed full of unneeded items at Goodwill; the delight when I could prance across the garage floor barefoot without feeling as if I were traversing a sandy minefield; and the utter joy in my soul now every time I walk into the garage to do laundry without feeling trapped by all that junk. 

It was so worth the effort and has created positive ripple effects throughout our home. In order to make space in the garage, I also had to make space in the linen closet and kitchen. And then there was the aforementioned satisfaction, delight, and joy that followed, not including a cold kombucha, a shower using my favorite Pangea soap, and a gentle massage directly afterwards. Things just feel different. Energy has space to flow. We can trustfully take a deep breath.

Where do you need to create space in your life? What’s holding you back from the energy flow you deserve? Are there perhaps people and relationships that are no longer serving you or that prevent you from advocating for yourself? What’s the one place in your life where creating space would spiral outwards in the most beautiful ways? Please comment below to share your story. I’d love to know. And please let me know how I can support you through that process. 

In my next blog, we’ll talk about how creating TIME can improve your health in the most delicious ways. 

So spacious I can even fit a car in!

So spacious I can even fit a car in!

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