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Spring Cleaning, Day 11

Justin Wood

I'm having a roller coaster day today, vacillating between being really stressed out and feeling really good. Today's schedule is typically hectic, and just getting the kids where they need to be at the right time -- while still trying to find some study and yoga time -- has been, well, trying. On the other hand, I enjoyed some salmon for lunch, I got in 90 minutes of quality study time (which certainly beats last Saturday's o minutes), and Heather and Emma are coming over for dinner tonight. My energy is fairly high, especially now that I've done yoga today, and I'm officially halfway through with the cleanse.

My friend, G, is doing a 21-day no-complaining challenge. What a feat! I think the Purification Program and the April Yoga Challenge are way easier to accomplish, especially in our culture of contagious misery. But since I'm on this road to make myself stronger -- physicially, emotionally and spiritually -- I might as well throw in one more challenge and see where it leads me.

You're right... I already know where. And it's a good place.