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Get Healthy Naturally with Jennifer Schmid | Speaker.  Healer.  Nurse.  Naturopath. 


Testimonials from satisfied clients of Jennifer Schmid

Here’s what satisfied clients are saying about Jennifer

A big shout out to Jennifer! I was having THE WORST time sleeping through the night, feeling depleted and exhausted. Adding insult to injury, hot flashes entering the scene as well. Been taking the supplements and following a diet change for 1 week and HALLELUJAH! I’ve been sleeping through the night and much less frequency and intensity of hot flashes.
— S.C.
After countless visits to doctors to treat a condition in my then 8 year old daughter, Jennifer was able to pinpoint the root of her symptoms and make recommendations on our first visit. Her suggestions were right on the mark, and she has helped us tremendously over the last three years. Jennifer’s evaluations are always very thorough and thoughtful, looking at the whole person, all while lending a sympathetic ear to a busy mom!
— N.C.

I just have to say, Jennifer. I’m past child bearing years but your emails from yesterday and today are so valuable, especially for mothers who are so concerned for their little ones, that they seek out the very best and don’t stop until they get real answers. I was feeling so grateful for you yesterday and all that you share with our group. Today I just have to say something. Thank you for your kind and generous wisdom bestowed upon us all here.
— C.C.

I had been suffering from chronic stomach issues and anxiety/panic attacks for about 9 months when I decided to contact Jennifer for help. The medical doctors weren’t taking my condition seriously and kept insisting my problems were psychiatric. Although convinced my health problems were the result of a reaction to a medication ... I was almost to the point of believing it was “all in my head.”

At first my anxiety increased when I visited Jennifer, primarily because there was so much controversy among my friends and family as to whether she could really help me. My concerns, however, were quickly relieved after she designed and communicated a specific list of goals that she believed would address my problems.

As promised, my body began to heal as we addressed my diet and included supplements. I believe Jennifer also went above and beyond the call of duty to encourage me and coach me when I started to doubt myself or the ability my body has to heal naturally.

I would recommend Jennifer to all of my family and friends ... And even to strangers! Medicine definitely has its place, however, it is often prescribed unnecessarily and without communication that empowers the suffering to heal. Jennifer truly cares about her patients’ well-being and desires to teach them how to live a healthy life!
— S.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family. You have helped us find answers where we didn’t even know we had questions.”
— D.
Jennifer is an angel who has helped my kids successfully master and overcome asthma, allergies, stress and unhealthy food habits. Within about a year of gentle and constant guidance, as well as distance healings, my son was able to get himself off all inhalers and steroids and today uses a much more holistic model for health care and self management. Similarly, my daughter was able to coast through a tumultuous and painful hormonal cycle in her teenage years with grace and ease. She also had a quick turn around from dental surgery after following through with Jennifer’s homeopathic recommendations.

I am ever so grateful for all the years of help and support we have received from Jennifer. She remains today, a cherished friend, my 911-reference-guide and a healer I confidently and often refer to at work. Thank you, Jennifer.
— S.P.

So grateful for Jennifer’s help! As a single mum, my daughter’s bedtime was getting later and later this Spring and my energy levels were drained. Jennifer helped me figure out what could cause the problem and suggested easy fixes regarding nutrition and daily habits and voila, she’s sleeping early again and momma is much more relaxed!
— M.R.

Jennifer has provided invaluable healing wisdom and support for me and my family more times than I can count. She is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, first-aid, you name it! Her intelligence, wisdom, humor, experience, knowledge, ability to listen, and willingness to meet people where they are all combine to make her a powerful natural healer and practitioner of traditional medicine. Over the years, she has helped us through many illnesses and injuries, and I have learned a ton from her about holistic approaches to healing and health. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— H.A.

I am so appreciative of your work with me. After getting me off a 30 year Diet Coke habit in one week, you started me on the path to much better health that I continue to pursue.
— S.R.

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